George Michael’s Former Manager Says The Singer Was Recording New ‘Totally Pop’ Music Before His Death

The Internet has been swirling with suspicion over George Michael‘s sudden death.

In the wake of his Christmas Day passing, the former Wham! frontman’s autopsy results were “inconclusive,” which led many to ponder if the 53-year-old’s death was due to health problems, an overdose, or something else all together.

Now, new revelations from Michael’s former manager have made the music icon’s death all the more puzzling.

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In a new issue of Billboard, Rob Kahane — who managed the pop icon at the height of his fame — opened up about a conversation he had with Michael weeks before his passing.

The Careless Whisper performer had recently finished an 18-month stint in a Swiss rehab facility when his Kahane reached out to him in early December — and the singer seemed to be in a good place.

The former manager recalled:

“I called him, and he said, I’m good.’ He sounded fine.”

Kahane and Michael had been estranged for years, but reportedly had plans to meet and reconnect in January.

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During the chat, Kahane said he heard some of Michael’s new music, describing the songs as “totally pop, like something that would’ve been on Faith.” He added:

“The songs weren’t depressing. That’s why I thought everything was okay with him.”

It would appear something much darker was still brewing inside the musician, as he had been battling depression and addiction throughout his tumultuous career.

Knowing that he was in a seemingly better place weeks before his untimely passing makes this loss even more heartbreaking.

Hopefully, we find out more information on Michael’s cause of death soon.

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