Genius dude buries a vodka bottle at a music festival site beforehand, digs it up during


div> If there’s one thing everyone in America—left, right, young, old—can agree upon, it’s that sporting events and music festivals charge too dang much for alcohol.

Twelve dollars a beer? Thirteen dollars a beer? That’s too dang much.

But what can one do? We are all hostages to event inflation, forced to suffer the indignity of paying the price of a 12-pack for a single beer.

You can’t fight city hall.

Unless you are a freakin’ genius, like Alex Diamond. That’s because, in advance of Electric Zoo, a music festival in New York City, Diamond decided to stick it to the man. How? By burying a bottle of vodka on the festival grounds before the set-up began and then by going to the festival, shovel in hand, and digging up his much cheaper vodka.

Three weeks ago we buried a Nalgene bottle full of vodka on the grounds of Electric Zoo before they started putting up…

Posted by Alex Diamond on Saturday, September 2, 2017

Diamond said he’d been to the festival several years in a row and knew the layout well. He also knew that the site was unoccupied leading up to it. So he went there three weeks in advance and, taking his inspiration from pirates, buried some treasure.

He spoke with Lad Bible about the operation to retrieve it.

“The objective once we got into the festival was to remove the bottle without attracting attention. The hardest part was trying not to raise any suspicions because there’s quite a lot of cameras and festival staff around. Once we got to the GPS spot, we all huddled around it. I did a double take to make sure we were in the clear and then one of us dug up the vodka. All in all, it took us about 10 minutes.”

Of course, a soda to mix it with probably still set him back $8.

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