Garrison Keillor hosts final A Prairie Home Companion episode

Writer and humorist says farewell to 18,000 fans, but last-show aspect was subtle as he closed out as if it were any other though Obama called in

The writer and humorist Garrison Keillor served up a bittersweet farewell for 18,000 fans at the Hollywood Bowl on Friday, as he hosted his final episode of the old-style radio variety show, A Prairie Home Companion.

Keillors swan song was not markedly different from most of his nearly 42 years of Companion episodes, offering a rich mix of Americana music and often tongue-in-cheek comedy.

Barack Obama did, however, call in for a special segment recorded earlier on Friday, but that will not be heard until Saturdays broadcast.

The last-show aspect of the doings was so subtle that, at one point, even Keillors cast mates began to prod their boss, asking: How do you feel [about leaving]?

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