Gao the Arsonist and Dr Skywalker awaken the power of “Brimstone”

By Tayo Odutola Word Is Bond

UK producer/rapper Gao the Arsonist teams up with producer Dr. Skywalker on this trip track titled “Brimstone” where alternative meets eclectic. Bolstered by a gloomy and dark soundscape, the duo venture into the dark crevices of the human mind to bring forth off-kilter thoughts. “Brimstone” sees Gao embodying his own god-like entity as he rises out of the flames of hell fire to dominate both hell and haven in his own twisted manner.


“Brimstone” is taken from the duo’s new collaborative EP The Hallowed. Get “Brimstone” on SoundCloud.

‘告’ (Gao) being Mandarin for ‘to tell’ highlights his artistic philosophy based on freedom of expression. The ‘Arsonist’ portion of Gao’s pseudonym represents ‘burning down’ all forms of expectations and limitations that may limit said freedom of expression.

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