G-Eazy Buys Food For 100 Lucky Fans At His Favorite Chicago Eatery

Artists like to come up with inventive ways to meet-and-greet with their fans, and recently, G-Eazy used free food. The Bay Area rapper was in Chicago when he sent out a call to his social media followers. He told them that the first 100 people who contacted a number he shared would be eligible to receive some free food at one of his favorite Windy City establishments. Making good on his offer, G-Eazy’s team gave directions to those who won and fans gathered at Nando’s PERi-PERi Chicken.

Arturo Holmes/Getty Images

TMZ reports that G-Eazy gave the lucky group a massive amount of chow that included “25 chicken platters (that’s about 100 quarter chickens if you’re counting), 300 wings, plus tons of sides that included mashed potatoes, fries, spicy rice, macho peas, and garlic bread.” The meal was completed with dessert, and after all was said and done, the rapper picked up the $1K+ tab for the event. G-Eazy reportedly took the time to talk with everyone in attendance, posed for pictures, and gifted them with his special edition G-Eazy Nando’s sauce. The Scary Nights rapper has been vocal about his love for the food joint and even named-dropped Nando’s in a freestyle. 

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