French Montana & Juicy J Have "50's and 100's"

French Montana does a decent job of emulating Juicy J’s flow on “50’s and 100’s.” The single is featured on French’s latest album, Montana. “50’s and 100’s” sounds like it should just be a Juicy J song because the veteran steals the show on the third verse. Still, French does bless fans with a catchy chorus and memorable verses. His imitation of Juicy gives French a chance to rap differently, a task that he completes satisfactorily. 

Juicy J obliterates the third verse and reminds us that he has bars too. Of course, the instrumental is also crafted by Juicy, so it makes sense that he would take off on the track. Somber yet hopefully piano riffs dominate the beat, but its the ad-libs mixed into the background that really turn “50’s and 100’s” into a turn-up track. 

Quotable Lyrics
Never send a boy to do a man’s job
If it was me, I would’ve left him with a headshot
How the fuck you get your own mans robbed?
Before you see me again, you get that red dot
I will not stop, fuck the opp cops
And whoever fuck with ’em, we cannot rock
I will not stop, even if that block hotter
Than my mama be up in the kitchen with that crock pot 

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