Fred Durst started a jazz night in Hollywood because he saw ‘La La Land’




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Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst has become Ryan Goslings problematic La La Land character, and is hosting a jazz night in Los Angeles, LA Weeklyreports. Held at a Hollywood bar Black Rabbit Rose, the event, called Fred’z With a Z, features young jazz upstarts with a little magic. Yes, magic.

Talk about unintended consequences.

I felt like a target, you know. Like someones gonna see this and think, Oh, Fred Dursts doing a jazz night? Whats this, lounge versions of Nookie? I just dont know how people perceive it, Dursttold LA Weekly.

Come on, Fred. You know what it is. Youve spent like 20 years convincing people of your rapper authenticity. Whats taking it a step further, and mutilating Americas great musical invention, with Nookie in an organ trio rendition?

To his credit, Durst seems earnest in his jazz fandom, while name-checking some quality new acts, and boilerplate entities, such as Miles Davis and Charles Mingus:

Im just really impressed with the new generations… heyve had an emotional reaction and connection to jazz at such young ages. It just blows my mind. Its fascinating. So after traveling around for a while to different spots, I thought, ‘Id like to have my own night.’ Maybe if I put together the right collective of young cats and wanna do something kind of sexy and cool. And then the whole La La Land thing… I thought the timing was unbelievable and serendipitous, he added.

Its completely believable, and right on schedule.

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