First Ever Vagina Museum Opens In London

You’ve got your Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, and The Louvre in Paris, but now you can go to the The Vagina Museum in London. The first ever of it’s kind, the museum aims to enlighten people on the very body part that holds so much mystery and intrigue. Museum director Florence Schechter says, “I discovered there was a penis museum in Iceland but no vagina equivalent anywhere else so I decided to make one.” When asked about why she chose to go forward with the venture Schechter added, “I just love the vag. I am a bisexual woman.” Fair enough.

The first exhibition at the The Vagina Museum is called Muff Busters: Vagina Myths and How To Fight Them. Muff Busters aims to clear up some common myths surrounding topics such as vagina appearance, sex, periods etc. Once the exhibition is done the museum plans to focus on the history of menstruation as well as social and political issues. The exhibition is available to be seen online, so you don’t have to be in England to experience all the feminine glory. The Vagina Museum will also be a venue for events and performances and has a shop inside for momentos. So not only can you walk away with new knowledge about a body part that is essential for life as we know it, but you can get a neat mug for work too.

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