Find your ‘Harry Potter’ Patronus charm

(CNN)There appears to be no end to the “Harry Potter” magic.

Fans can now tap into that magic, thanks to the official Patronus experience launched Thursday on fan site


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Potter devotees know that a Patronus charm calls up a person’s spirit guide.
“A spell first introduced in the third Harry Potter book ‘Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban,’ which became intrinsic to the series, the Patronus Charm is a defensive spell which produces an ethereal guardian or protector, taking the form of an animal,” according to a Pottermore press release. “A pure, protective magical concentration of happiness and hope, the Patronus is the only spell effective against Dementors, terrifying creatures which prey on human happiness.”
Harry’s Patronus is a stag and “Potter” author J.K. Rowling’s is a heron.
The Pottermore site is devoted to all things Potter and uses 3D animation, along with a series of questions, to summon the user’s Patronus.
Plenty of people had fun Thursday trying it out and posting their findings.

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