Fetty Wap Clears "Million Dollars In Legal Troubles," Previews New Music

It was a rough 2019 for Fetty Wap. The rapper celebrated releases of new singles and continued to perform for thousands of fans around the world, but his legal problems were catching up to him. There was news of an investigation into an alleged assault involving a woman, and then he was arrested following a physical altercation outside of a Las Vegas hotel. At times he was at odds was his baby mamas or his wife who aired out their grievances on social media, and later he revealed that Alexis Skyy’s daughter wasn’t biologically his child.

Rodin Eckenroth / Stringer / Getty Images

Stepping into 2020, Fetty is back on his grind and ready to take the year by the reins. “The first time in my life I can see 2020 😂 .. yeah I’ll let that sink in … #FirstEyeJokeForMyself 🔐🤞🏾,” the New Jersey rapper quipped on Instagram. “Ohh yea I’m kickin on you n*ggas this year I’m ready .. million dollars in legal troubles .. everything cleared I’m ready 💯🔐 #ZooGang.” It might have cost him a pretty penny to put his court cases to rest, but Fetty is glad that it’s over.

He even shared a preview of a new track he’s been cooking up in the studio. It sounds as if it’s another love-ish jam for the ladies, so check that out below and let us know if he should drop that sooner than later.

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