Fetty Wap Called A "F*ckin Failure" & A "Clown" By Baby Mama

Fetty Wap is under fire from Lezhae Zeona, the mother of two of his children. By now, the public is aware that Fetty Wap reportedly has six baby mamas and possibly seven kids. The rapper and Lezhae welcomed their daughter in 2015 and then reconciled and gave birth to a son in 2018. In a recent interview with Supa Cindy for 99 Jamz radio station, Lezhae spoke about her relationship with her ex as if they were on good terms and he was willing to help her out with her rap career.

However, it seems as if things have taken a turn. On Wednesday (March 11), Lezhae took to social media to air out her grievances with her “clown” baby daddy. “Don’t have children with f*ckin failures,” she wrote on her Instagram Story. “Bitcchhh .. I almost told y’all something whew let me get off this damn app.” It’s unknown what exactly she was going to say, but she went on to pen a lengthy message about Fetty and his pitfalls, anyway.

“Ya wanna know something ? God genuinely makes no mistakes,” she continued. “Call me whatever you wanna call me for going back and having a second child with this clown but guess what? I needed my son ! I swear, I was never forced into strength the way I was while I was pregnant with him! Before my pregnancy with my son, I was maddddllyyyy in love with my BD. He would do any and everything to me, disrespect tf outta me in public and in private and I never got enough.”

Lezhae said no matter what, she always allowed Fetty Wap to come back into her life without question. “But when I got pregnant with my son, this n*gga violated the f*ck outta me and it was undeniable that I couldn’t f*ckin do it with him anymore ! It was undeniable that I had to let tf go and move forward ! I needed exactly that and that was Gods form of delivery and I accept completely.” 

She added that she didn’t think there would be a day where she could live without Fetty, but it was her son that made it possible. In another Instagram Story slide, Lezhae Zeona also stated that every woman has been played at one point in their lives so if someone wants to judge her, they need to look at their mothers, aunts, and sisters as well. Check out a few of her posts below.

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