Fat Joe's "Lean Back" Was Allegedly Inspired By Writer Who Taught Him The Dance At A Miami Club

Sometimes random questions posed on Twitter result in interesting stories. Terror Squad’s “Lean Back” is a hip hop classic that’s had clubs around the world leaning for the last 15 years, but a woman on social media claims that her happenstance meeting with Fat Joe was the inspiration behind the track. Someone asked the Twitter public to “Tweet your most random music fact,” and writer Bee Quammie stated she was the reason “Lean Back” now exists.

“I snuck into a Club Bed in Miami when I was underage, was dancing during the reggae set, and Fat Joe asked me to teach him the dance I was doing,” Bee wrote. “It was the Rockaway, and he recorded Lean Back the next week. I had told my brother about meeting Fat Joe, then literally a week later he told me he had something to play for me. He had downloaded Lean Back off Napster 😭😭😭.”

She was never credited for teaching Joe the Rockaway, but she did say that she “pulled every Vibe/The Source/XXL I could find hoping for a mention but he apparently shouted out ‘the girl from Toronto’ on 106 & Park when they asked him about the dance move LOL.” Bee added, “LOL it was such a random night. Joe was so nice and we took a bunch of pics. Timbaland was there too but he wanted no parts of a picture with me 😭.” When someone told her that Fat Joe owes her money for taking the dance, she said it’s bigger than her. “He owes Jamaica money! I remember this cause I was a kid and Jamaicans were furious and I think a few artists made songs about it too 😂😂😩😩.”

People commented that the impact she made is astronomical, but Bee just said, “I don’t know if he would even remember that night but he was so nice in the club that just teaching him dances was fun enough. The song was extra LOL.” Check out her tweets below.

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