Fans Lose Their Shit As Ryan Reynolds Shares The First Pic Of Josh Brolin As Cable From Deadpool 2!

Deadpool ends with a post-credits scene in which the titular antihero teases that longtime X-Men comic book fan favorite Cable would be joining him in the sequel.

Spoiler alert? Well, whatever, too late now.

With the exception of possibly casting

Ryan Reynolds shared the first look at Josh Brolin as the gruff, half-cyborg, time-traveling mutant from the future (he’s actually the son of Cyclops and a clone of Jean Grey), and it is spectacular.

First, Ryan gave us some head, tweeting:

Followed by the money shot:

And just like that, Twitter shot its nerd load all over the place! See some of the best, funniest, messiest reactions (below)!

Even Cable creator Rob Liefeld was happy with the result!

In case you missed it, RyRey gave us our first look at other new addition to the Deadpool team, Zazie Beetz‘ Domino, last week.

What do YOU think of Deadpool’s new friends??

[Image via 20th Century Fox/Twitter.]

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