Eminem Hops On Jessie Reyez's Toxic Relationship Single "Coffin"

Seeing that Jessie Reyez and Eminem have decided to collaborate once again comes as a surprise to very few. On Friday (March 27), Jessie Reyez shared her debut studio album Before Love Came to Kill Us and included the love-obsession, toxic-relationship track “Coffin.” The R&B-pop-rap-blend begins with Jessie belting out sweet-sounding notes as she speaks about her devotion to her partner. Then, things sound innocent enough, but lyrically, she’s talking about jumping off of a building just to get his attention.

Eminem hops in and drops bars about his frustrations with the relationship. He’s tired of the conflicts and nods the drama from his Rihanna-assisted hit single “Love the Way You Lie.” The rapper describes the relationship as oil and water and bounces back and forth from his love for her while also not wanting to be involved with her at all. In the end, he calls them both a “couple of fools” and declares that if she takes the leap, he’ll be by her side ready for a “coffin for two.” Check it out and let us know what you think.

Quotable Lyrics

I don’t really wanna fight
I just wanna spend the night
But I don’t wanna spend the night
Actin’ out ‘Love the Way You Lie’
But the sh*t just went awry
Hit me in the eye
Bit me in the thigh
Then begin to cry

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