Dreamville Reacts To "Revenge Of The Dreamers 3" Going Gold

Yesterday, it was reported that Dreamville’s Revenge Of The Dreamers 3 was officially certified gold by the RIAA, a testament to the project’s widespread appeal. With no shortage of mileage leftover, Dreamers 3 feels like a safe bet for platinum by year’s end, a cause capably driven by J. Cole’s double-platinum single “Middle Child.” On that note, Cole is no stranger to the plaque collector’s lifestyle, given the whole “platinum with no features” thing, but many on his Dreamville team hit a career first. 

Bas can’t help but quote his own lyrics, once again asserting himself as a dominant presence in the rap game. “Ya’ll had a year,” he writes, daring challengers to stack themselves against his squadron. EarthGang offered an emotional reflection, taking it back to the formative days. “This shit is crazy,” writes the duo. “We started this years ago in our dorm rooms making music that we liked; music that inspired us. We didn’t care what other people thought. We new that if we stayed true we would reach new heights. This is beautiful. Blessings on Blessing. Believe in yourself and your circle!”

Cozz keeps it brief, establishing the team as “Plaque Boyz;” we’ll have to see if the name sticks, but the sentiment holds true. Ibrahim, ever the visionary, is content to look forward. “Shout out to everyone apart of this project,” he writes. “This one for y’all, Platinum next.” Best of luck to the Dreamville squadron! A well-deserved effort through and through. 

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