Draymond Green Reveals Kevin Hart Uses Fake Ice For "Cold As Balls"

Kevin Hart has an ultra-popular YouTube show called “Cold As Balls” where he sits down to do an ice bath with various celebrities whiles asking them questions. In many ways, it’s like the polar opposite of “Hot Ones” where questions are asked over a plate of piping hot wings. The guests always appear to be just a tad uncomfortable because of the coldness that is hitting their bodies. According to Draymond Green in a new article from Anthony Slater of The Athletic, the ice used in the show is actually fake.

For now, this is more of an allegation than anything else. Perhaps Green was just making a joke at Hart’s expense, although Green seemed pretty serious when he said it. As for context, Green said this while getting in an ice bath of his own after at the New Orleans Pelicans facility.

James Gourley/Getty Images

Per Slater:

“Take a walk with me,” he says.

Where? To the home locker room. The Pelicans have a cold tub. He played 33 minutes the night prior. His right heel is sore. His knees, like basically every NBA knee, needs daily maintenance. He’ll do the interview there. Kind of like those strange Kevin Hart sitdowns, it’s pointed out.

“I actually did one of those. The water’s not even cold,” Green reveals. “Fake ice cubes.”

So there you have it, Green is out here exposing industry tricks to all of us. We can only imagine what else he knows that he hasn’t told us yet.

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