Drakeo The Ruler Drops "Free Drakeo" While Awaiting Trial

Though Drakeo The Ruler was acquitted of several charges, including first-degree murder, in the summer of 2019, the beloved west coast rapper is currently in the process of facing another trial. Unfortunately for Drakeo, the presiding judge has decided to reopen the case, a decision that puts The Ruler’s freedom and career in further jeopardy. In an inspiring act of rebellion, Draeko’s team has delivered a new tape called Free Drakeo, essentially serving as a remix tape featuring a slew of friends and collaborators.

Featuring twelve tracks and a pair of new freestyles, Drakeo’s latest tape features collaborations with 03 Greedo (another incarcerated rapper spending the remainder of his creative prime behind bars), Maxo Kream, SOB X RBE, Yatta, RJMRLA, and more. While it’s unlikely that longtime fans of The Ruler will find much to unpack here, it remains a strong symbolic reminder that his presence remains active — even when he himself stands to lose it all.

Given the nature of his situation, the opening track “Letter From Me To You” (a freestyle recorded through a prison phone) hits hard. “I would never change for no n***a cause that ain’t cool,” he raps, his voice hoarse and strained. “Everybody hatin’ on you Drakeo cause they ain’t you, everybody want to be the man but see I paid dues / you should shut your mouth because the situation that you in / have you ever faced life in jail or gone to the pen?”

While we wait for further news on Drakeo’s ongoing trial, check out his new tape right now. 

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