Drake Had Something To Say On "5AM In Toronto"

Yesterday, Drake left his fans in a collective state of cardiac suspension upon announcing a new project, Care Packageon his Instagram. While “new project” was indeed technically true, Drizzy’s Care Package was more of a Lost Tapes type deal, a collection of various loosies and cult favorites never before available on streaming platforms. Still, the move proved welcomed by many, who have since embraced the convenience of the new way. For that, Care Package was not met with frustration, but rather gratitude; as a matter of fact, some 6ix God fans might even call the project Drake’s low-key peak. And what better exhibit than “5AM In Toronto,” a banger still considered to be among his best. 

The familiar instrumental seemed to awaken something in Drake, who gave himself room to unleash bars unimpeded. As recently seen with “Omerta,” Drake’s pen game stands among the elite when he’s focused, and on “5AM” he most definitely had something to say. In fact, listening to the track under a new light serves as an effective reminder of Drake at his best: cool, collected, and intellectually unchallenged. We can only hope more artists follow in his example.

Quotable Lyrics

Fuck them n**** this year, I made Forbes list, n****a
Fuck your list, everything’s lookin’ gorgeous
Without me, rap is just a bunch of orphans
But if I stay, then this shit is a bunch of corpses
And me and my dread n****a from New Orleans
Stashin’ money like hoarders off multi-platinum recordings

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