Drake Drops $1 Million On 100-Carat Diamond Heart Chain: Report

We can only imagine what Drake’s jewelry collection looks like, let alone the room he houses it all in. We recently reported on the matching eagle and owl head chains that Drake and Future purchased—bling that reportedly set them back $400K. It’s believed that the “Life is Good” collaborators were hinting at their joint single, but it may also mean What a Time to Be Alive 2 may be arriving sooner than later. 

It’s not uncommon for rappers to drop a few stacks on some new ice, but Drake has been outdoing himself lately. Back in November, it was revealed that the OVO mogul reportedly spent $500K on a massive 22-carat, platinum-plated diamond ring from Gemma Fine Jewelry. Keeping with the heart theme, TMZ shared on Friday morning that Drake copped himself yet another chain, but according to the outlet, he spent over $1 million on this one.

TMZ stated that Gemma Fine Jewelry was responsible for this piece, as well. It’s said to be 100 carats and features a series of heart-shaped pendants all around. Check out the video of Drake’s shiny new necklace below and let us know if you’d drop $1 million on a chain if you had the chance.

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