Dr. Dre Produced An All-Star Kobe Bryant Tribute: Watch

Dr. Dre did what he does best and crafted the perfect two-minute tribute video for his late-friend, Kobe Bryant. Since the death of Bean, his daughter, and the seven additional passengers on that helicopter, the NBA has been scrambling to pay homage to the NBA legend. Yesterday (Feb. 15), the NBA commissioner, Adam Silver, announced that the NBA All-Star MVP Award would be renamed in honor of Kobe Bryant, while Team Lebron will wear the number two in remembrance of Gianna Bryant and Team Giannis will wear the number 24 in memory of Kobe Bean. Now, Dr. Dre’s lust for perfection spilled over into the visual world for his latest creation in memory of the Black Mamba. 

Harry How/Getty Images

Prior to this evening’s NBA All-Star game, TNT debuted a tribute video produced by none other than Compton’s finest Dr. Dre, Jack Bannon, and Gibson Hazard. The two-minute video featured a montage of Kobe Bryant’s career highlights from his high school days to his 1998 Slam Dunk Contest victory to his fifth NBA Championship with the Los Angeles Lakers. Sporadic images of Bean and Gianna sharing moments together were also captured during the clip while Dr. Dre’s perfectly mixed instrumentation narrates the life of the now immortal Kobe Bryant. The tribute video comes to a close with the notorious “Woman to Woman” sample playing in the background as Kobe and Gianna stand atop the ‘Kobe Center.’ 

While Kobe Bryant and Gianna Bryant were privately laid to rest earlier this week, all of Los Angeles and fans around the globe will gather by the thousands to celebrate the life and legacy of Kobe Bryant and his daughter on Feb. 24

Check out Dr. Dre’s 2020 NBA All-Star Kobe Bryant tribute video below. 

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