Don’t hate: celebrity gossip isn’t dumb it’s vital escapism | Michael Arceneaux

Every time celebrities feud, there are those who stand up and announce that they dont care that its not important. Those people should shut up

Whenever some seismic event in pop culture is going down some celebrity feud or drama is breaking the internet theres always a contingent insisting that there are more important things to care about than the entertainment story du jour.

If you are one of these folks, allow me the honor of telling you that youre annoying, condescending and a self-important jackass. You know, the Ted Cruz of everything outside of politics. The same goes for those who feel compelled to announce that they dont care about whatever pop culture moment is happening at the time. If I had a big batch of cookies ideally, really stale ones Id throw it at them and encourage the group to eat their treats as slowly as possible so that they each can enjoy the attention theyre so clearly seeking.

The first complaint there are more important things to care about grates most on my nerves. Its not like celebrity news fans are claiming that Taylor Swift v Kimye is the most seismic event in history. If anyone says as much, they are probably headline writers at entertainment media sites using hyperbole to get the clicks that will keep them employed.

Also, in a year like 2016, which is drowning in melancholy, violence and strife, maybe just maybe some of us need a break. Some of us want to enjoy a bit of levity in these emotionally trying times. If you are black and living in America, you are subject to constant reminders that those who look like you are unjustly dying at the hands of the state, typically without any consequences for their killers. As if that werent enough, this year has also brought the death of legends like Prince and Bowie in addition to Donald J Trumps so-far-successful candidacy.

To that end, do some of us want to laugh at Kim Kardashian dragging Taylor Swift on a Sunday evening? Or cackle at Blac Chyna scoring one up on that entire family by locking down the only boy of the bunch? Or be entranced by whatever Beyonc is doing at any second of the day? Youre damn right we do. We need that escapism badly.

And for those who claim, loudly and publicly, not to care about the internets latest boyfriend: why? Do you think that makes you special? It doesnt. Are you under the impression it makes you sound smarter than the rest of us? That is not the case. What is your point in pointing out that you dont care? Playing the role of spoiler or pedant or petulant child upset that they cant relate isnt a remotely interesting addition to the rollicking celebrity discussion.

Let people have their fun. Allow people to dive into the silly and superficial for the sake of their own sanity or for the simple fact that gasp they actually care about culture. If you dont, put a star on your nose and run into a wall before you ever again feel compelled to announce your unsolicited disdain. We dont care that you dont care. Dont distract us from the important things those getting us through each grim day.

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