DJ Paul & Trippie Sued For Copyright Infringement Over "Death" Single

A group of artists recently hit Three 6 Mafia with a slew of copyright infringement claims, and now DJ Paul is looking at another court battle. During the rise of Three 6 Mafia, the group of artists says that they collaborated with Juicy J and DJ Paul to help write, produce, and record their music. They also say they haven’t been appropriately compensated for their work, so they’re taking Three 6 Mafia to court.

According to a report made by TMZ on Wednesday (March 4), DJ Paul and Trippie Redd are looking at a new lawsuit. A man by the name of Reginald Boyland of On The Strength Records states that Trippie Redd’s track “Death” samples DJ Paul’s 1997 single “Hit a Muthaf*cka.” Well, apparently back in 2015, Boyland and DJ Paul ended a legal battle with Boyland being awarded the rights to “Hit a Muthf*cka.” Boyland sued DJ Paul claiming the track sampled his song “Pimps In The House.”

Boyland is taking DJ Paul—who helped produce “Death”—and Trippie to court because no one approached him about using the sample. He’s looking to get a portion of the profits from the song and is suing for copyright infringement. Trippie Redd has yet to comment on lawsuit.

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