Disney Unveils Plans For A Massive New Marvel Comics Universe

Just when you thought Disney parks might be going a bit overboard with “Star Wars” and Marvel Comics attractions, the new direction is snowballing.

Disney unveiled plans over the weekend to close the Tower of Terror, one of the most iconic rides at Disney California Adventure, and transform it into a new attraction based on the “Guardians of the Galaxy” superheroes and comics.

The ride will be the first in a “whole new universe” of superheroes at the California Adventure park, imagineer Joe Rodhe explains in the video above.

Handout via Getty Images

Handout via Getty Images
In thenew ride,the “Guardians of the Galaxy” superheroes have been taken prisoner, and visitors mustgo on a daring adventure to free them.

Handout via Getty Images
The ride willhave “multiple, random and unique ride profiles”for a different experienceevery time you ride, Disney explains.
The new ride will feature “Guardians of the Galaxy” characters in a whole new storyline set to rock ‘n’ roll music, Rodhe explains. It will open next summer as part of “a broader universe of Super Heroes that will grow over time at Disney California Adventure park,” according to the Disney Parks Blog. 

We’ve been dreading anticipating this change for a while: Last summer, Disneyland announced it would pour $1 billion into new attractions and infrastructure. This new ride is likely just the beginning of a big transformation away from Disney classics and toward its new “Star Wars” and Marvel acquisitions

We miss Mickey already. And if you want to have one last Tower of Terror visit, Disney Parks Blog says the ride will close in early 2017. 

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