Diddy Doubles Down On NFL Ownership Aspirations: "It's Time"

Last year, at the height of the controversy surrounding the NFL’s alleged conspiracy to shut out Colin Kaepernick from playing professionally, Diddy voiced his interest in owning a team in the league, citing the fact that there are no majority Black owners in the NFL. As Jerry Richardson was called on to step down as the owner of the Carolina Panthers following reports of sexual harassment and racial discrimination, Diddy amped things up, calling onn the like sof Steph Curry to join him in acquiring the team.

Eventually, he lost out in the first round of bids for the squad and in June decided that he was no longer interested in owning an NFL team as he did not want to be “associated with oppressing black men.”

Now, as the Super Bowl was staged in Atlanta, Diddy was naturally in attendance in the southern city as the official ambassador of nightlife everywhere, even making it rain on lucky patrons outside of the Magic City strip club. Ahead of Sunday’s game, where the Patriots took home the title, TMZ caught up with the mogul and asked if he’d reconsidered his last sentiment and to that he confirmed, “It’s time.”

What’s more is that Puffy still has the support of New England Patriots’ owner Bob Kraft, who previously revealed that he was a fan of Diddy’s. In a new interview with TMZ, Kraft added that he still hopes that Diddy will chase after the goal of being an owner in the league.

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