Did Amy Schumer steal this joke from Zach Galifianakis? These folks sure think so


Amy Schumer is being called out again for allegedly lifting a joke.

The accuser is (once again) the internet, and the alleged source of the joke is Zach Galifianakis. The offense? Saying the phrase well-read wrong.

As a new video illustrates, Galifianakis told the joke in 2013, and Schumer used the same phrasing in her new Leather Special. The video includes an AV Club interview from 2012, in which she admits liking one of his jokes, as apparent supporting evidence. The video also puts question marks over material from Dave Attell and Ali Wong, though the Leather footage from the Attell segment appears to be edited.

When The Leather Special debuted on Netflix in early March, it was darted with one-star and negative reviews. As Splitsider pointed out, many of themlikely came from subreddits like r/The_Donald, which made it a group effort to target Schumers special. (As of today, it does have one star.)

Tanking a Netflix special obviously isnt going to hurt Schumers career: The trailer for her new movie Snatched came out today. But this effort to downvote women in pop culture is familiar. It happened with Rogue One,Ghostbusters,andMad Max: Fury Road. It will probably happen with Snatched.In a recent Instagram post, Schumer said this isnt the first timeit’s happened.

Neither Schumer nor Galifianakis have responded to this latest charge from the internet, though saying well reed when you mean well read is hardly something Galifianakis did first. Apparently its even something someone has said before 2006.

The creator of the video did not reply to a request for comment.

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