Dialect and YuckNasty – “Will Be Done” (Album Review)

Longtime friends and Northern California based rappers Dialect and YuckNasty have a buzzing personality and a buzzing new underdog wave. Sparked by Dialect and YuckNasty’s custom NoCal rhyme style, we get a promising new album, entitled, Will Be Done. Dialect and YuckNasty’s first full-length collaboration.

A ten-track concept album, the creators of Rebel Activity unite for a full-length project that displays their evolution. The two previously reveal the album’s purpose was showcasing their respective growth as lyricists-turned-recording artists.

Stream Will Be Done by Dialect and YuckNasty below, courtesy of Spotify.

The album’s catalyst is the two’s chemistry, solo they are formidable but together the traditional trading wordplay is undeniable. On tracks like “Mudville Menace, “Rebel of the Underground” and “Soul Soldier Pt.2,” Dialect and Yuck are heavy-handed with the punchlines and electrifying with the witty play off each other raps. Clever metaphors and harmony deliver the project’s feel-good vibe.

The sound of the project is sufficing at best. A lot of room for improvement but effectively coats a tone to the two’s ideal vocals. Bouncy at times, the project fails to create a signature sound but that is usually the case for a first try, that comes with continued growth. Very experimental; however, it’s has a workable foundation that allows the two to excel on with various concepts.

In the end, the album is enlightening for it’s raw, naturally groovy energy and regional wordplay. They execute their purpose and leave room for speculation if they can do it again within the near future. They hit their mark this time but next time will need to undoubtedly aim a bit higher to continue to impress.

Ratings: 8/10

Highlights: Lyricism

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