Demi Lovato Wishes She Hadn’t Started Out As A Child Star

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And it turns out the former Barney And Friends star has thought about what she’d do over if she could:

“I wouldn’t start that young if I could do it over again. It was a difficult transition from child star to transforming into a mainstream artist. It’s something that is very challenging. You have to find your identity. For so long you’ve been molded into something and now you’re expected to figure out who you are very fast in front of the entire world.”

Still, DemDem made it clear she has NO regrets despite the difficulties!!

In fact, she believes she’s reaching a huge milestone is even more meaningful:

“I feel like I’m at a turning point in my life I’m turning 25… I feel like I’ve lived a lot longer than I actually have.”

Even speaking about what she thought her next chapter might have looked if you asked her a year ago, she said:

“My life within the next five years, I would have been married, starting a family, and still focusing on music. But that all changed.”

Awww. We really did want that for her and Wilmer Valderrama. But on to the future. The 24-year-old continued:

“I don’t know what I want the next five years to look like. I’m still figuring that out. I do know that I love music so I want to continue to make music and tour. And I want to dive back into acting at some point.”


Watch the entirety of Demi’s interview (below):

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