Def3 & Late Night Radio share new single “Got Away”

By Tayo Odutola Word Is Bond

Def3 and Latenight Radio return to the forefront with a new single “Got Away.” The track is a laidback soulful gem that is ripe with a somber and melancholic backdrop that works with Def3’s heartfelt tale of the death of a loved one.

“Got Away” is taken from the Weddings and Funerals L., The nine-track record features Denver’s electronic funk duo Recess, Vancouver emcee Kapok, and instrumentalists Miles Lujan and Melissa Joy. Weddings and Funerals juxtaposes the rush of togetherness and new life with loss and grief. The album came together over a two-year period, during which time LNR and Def3 consistently pushed each other to develop their niche sound.

Stream the entire LP on all DSPs here.


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