Def3 and Late Night Radio shares new single “Rani”

By Tayo Odutola Word Is Bond

The duo of Def3 & Late Night Radio returns with a new single titled “Rani” which sees Def3 paying homage to his daughter and how her birth changed his life forever.

The production by Late Night Radio is solid and has a warm texture with nostalgic aesthetics too. The drums are punchy and merge with the smooth bassline in a seamless manner. Def3 on the other hand is in top form with vivid lyrics and storytelling. He takes the listener back to the start of his life as a young father and his feelings at the time.

“Rani” is taken from Def3’s forthcoming album titled Weddings and Funerals, produced by Late Night Radio. The nine-track record features Denver’s electronic funk duo Recess, Vancouver emcee Kapok, and instrumentalists Miles Lujan and Melissa Joy. Weddings and Funerals juxtapose the rush of togetherness and new life with loss and grief.

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