Deelishis Asks For Prayers After Her Father Was Diagnosed With COVID-19

As the days roll on, more people are coming forward to share their COVID-19 test results. Many parts of the world are under quarantine as we all practice social distancing in an effort to not spread coronavirus, but as interactions of some sort are unavoidable for most people, confirmed cases continue. Former Flavor of Love reality star Deelishis shared upsetting news with her followers on Friday (March 20) when she revealed that her father just learned that he contracted coronavirus.

“Please pray for my favorite guy, my Dad,” Deelishis wrote on Instagram in a caption of a photo of her parents. “With Gods blessing we will beat this 🙏🏼 #TakeTheNecessaryStepsToPreventAndStopTheSpreadOfCovid19.” Her fiancé, Raymond Santana of the Exonerated 5, echoed her sentiments when he shared a photo of her over on his social media page. “My heartbeat 💓 Please pray for my wife’s father who was diagnosed today with the #Covid19 virus 🙏🏾,” Raymond wrote of his future father-in-law on Instagram. “This disease has put more things in perspective than we ever imagined. #LifeIsPrecious #GodIsMercifulAndGood.”

As many hospitals and emergency centers are overrun with the ill, testing isn’t as widely available as many would hope. The Everlywell company, which gained popularity through its home testing kits for allergens, recently announced that they’d developed at-home COVID-19 tests. The kits will reportedly be made available on March 23.

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