Death Cab For Cutie To Fans: Our Shows Are Safe Spaces

Safety may feel like a precious commodity for millions of Americans right now, especially those who’ve been spoken out against or actively harmed by or in the name of our new president-elect for their race, religious beliefs, sexual orientation or gender.

Since last Tuesday, hate crime incidents have gone up, especially anti-black, anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim attacks. K-12 schools, universities, businesses, and private properties have all been tallied by the Southern Poverty Law Center as places where these crimes have occurred.

Where, then, is safety encouraged, enforced, and truly felt?

In response to these concerns, Death Cab for Cutie shared a statement on its Twitter account, emphasizing that the band’s shows “will always be a safe place for people of all colors, all genders, all sexual orientations and all beliefs to come together to celebrate music, love and mutual respect.”

Displaying solidarity for those who fear that their current way of life is in jeopardy might be a small thing, but it’s a proactive answer for citizens left wondering what they can do.


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