DeAndre Hopkins Shows Off Insane "Aladdin" Genie Costume

For those familiar with the original animated “Aladdin” movies, then you’re well aware of Robin Williams’ iconic portrayal of the Genie. Williams’ character was rambunctious, loud, and extremely loveable. When Will Smith was cast to play the Genie in the live-action reboot, fans were understandably skeptical. Overall, Smith did a good job and fans were satisfied enough to give him a pass. Needless to say, Genie’s legacy still lives on and now that Halloween is here, some people have chosen the iconic character as their next costume.

Houston Texans wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins is among those who dressed up as Genie this year and today, he flexed the costume on the Gram. As you can see, Hopkins is covered in blue body paint and looks exactly like the character. The jewelry and magic lamp are all here so if you’re a Genie purist, you’ll be impressed.

Hopkins was joined by some of his famous teammates and even his mom who was dressed in a Cleopatra-like get up. If there was anyone on the Texans who won the costume party, it definitely would have been Hopkins.

As Halloween gets closer, it will be interesting to see what other costumes we get from all the famous athletes out there.

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