Dave East Calls Social Media "The Devil" & Praises Nipsey Hussle

A few months ago, Rolling Loud hit New York for a star-studded show that fans couldn’t stop talking about. While the event may be long over, on Monday Noisey shared an interview they completed with Dave East when they chatted with the rapper backstage at the festival. Host Dee Nasty not only had a few inquiries of her own, but she gave fans the opportunity to ask Dave questions directly.

Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

After talking a bit about how he balances his multi-faceted career and spending time with his daughter, Dee wanted Dave to clarify his remarks saying that we’re living in a clout-chasing era. “Social media is the devil,” he said. “I just feel like you gotta be a lot more careful. You don’t know people’s intentions. They can seem like they tryin’ to be cool with you but they might be doing it for clout.” Dee asked how he handles situations with fans if he’s out and about minding his business and not in the mood to take photos or sign autographs. “I’ll put to the side what I’m going through or how mad I am and be like, ‘Aight, let’s get the picture,'” Dave said. “Just to give them that moment because that go a long way. That one moment might make them support you the rest of your life.” 

The rapper was also wearing “Nipsey Blue” Crenshaw socks with the matching shoes and Dee wanted to know what Dave would tell his good friend if he was still here. “He gave us so much game that we ain’t even appreciate. Now the world love him ’cause he gone,” Dave said of the late Nipsey Hussle. “I would tell that n*gga I love him.” Watch his interview with Noisey below and check out what else Dave East had to say about tackling the role of Method Man in the Hulu series Wu-Tang: An American Saga and what future goals he has on the horizon.

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