D'Angelo Russell Lit Up By LeBron James & Kyle Kuzma For Cheeky IG Post

Last night, the Golden State Warriors were demolished by the Los Angeles Lakers, 120-94. It was a pretty easy win for the Lakers as the Warriors were without the likes of Klay Thompson and Steph Curry. Despite the loss, D’Angelo Russell was feeling himself after the game and took to Instagram with a photo of himself dunking over LeBron James with the caption: “What this look like?”

In this screengrab from Clutch Points’ Ryan Ward, you can see that LeBron was quick to reply, noting that Russell dunked the ball quickly because he knew he was going to get blocked otherwise. From there, other players around the league commented on the post, with Kyle Kuzma added some commentary of his own. “Man get yo ass outta here,” Kuzma said jokingly.


Interestingly enough, Russell didn’t respond to any of these guys’ jokes so it will be curious to see if he either deletes the post or if he just refrains from doing this ever again. Trying to come after the king like that isn’t typically going to work for you, even if it’s only in jest. 

The next time these two teams play against each other is certainly going to be interesting.

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