Dame Dash Is "His Own Worst Enemy" According To Adam22 & VladTV

He’s helped build multi-million dollar businesses throughout his career, but as time progresses, Dame Dash has developed a reputation of being a difficult person to work with. He has his own streaming service and production house, and he speaks of investing in art and developing businesses, yet, he’s often criticized for his behaviors. Some believe his antics are holding him back.

Frank Micelotta/Getty Images

Recently, his good friend Irv Gotti visited Drink Champs and shared that he truly loves Dame and has known him for a long while, but the two fell out over a potential business deal. Irv wanted Dame to direct an episode of his BET series Tales, but Dame didn’t seem willing to work within the parameters he was given. Irv decided to scrap the entire idea and what resulted was Dame airing out his frustrations with his longtime friend on social media.

No Jumper‘s Adam22 has interviewed Dame quite a few times as the pair have discussed various topics relating to Dame’s career and legal troubles at length. Adam sat in the interviewee chair recently for Vlad TV, and he and Vlad discussed why they believe Dame is “his own worst enemy.”

“The thing with Dame is that he’s an interesting figure and you want to work with him and you want to do projects with him until you start actually doing projects with him,” Vlad said as Adam laughed. “And then you realize he’s like his own worst enemy because all this stuff that’s happening with him I feel like shouldn’t be happening. He could’ve been doing a lot more business with a lot more people. ‘Cause people wanna work with him. I wanted to work with him but then once you start working with him you’re like, I’m not gonna just sit here and just put up with this nonsense, so you end up just not working with him. He ends up losing out on money, as well as we do, and it’s a no-win situation. I feel like Dame just shoots himself in the foot.”

Adam added that Dame has his own streaming service but has refused to work with corporations he doesn’t want to deal with big business structures. However, Adam said that anyone who has ever worked with Dame knows that he’s incapable of working with people of that caliber. “Does not play well with others,” Vlad said.

He later added, “I think you can have Jay Z on your team and you can tell everyone to go f*ck themselves and they’ll continue to work with you because you’re the key to Jay Z who, even back then, people knew that he was gonna be one of the greats. He was going multiplatinum. Roc-a-Fella was built around him. Once you no longer have Jay Z, then that’s when you see the chinks in the armor and everything else like that. It’s like, well, why should I continue when you don’t have Jay Z anymore?” Watch the clip below.

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