DaBaby Detained & Cited For Resisting Arrest While Secretly Filming Police Encounter

Authorities have their feet on rappers’ necks this year, and they’re not giving them room to breathe even during the holiday season. Rapper DaBaby was back in his hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina for his Power 98 radio station concert a Bojangles Coliseum. The rapper recently couldn’t make his Charlotte show because of a flight issue after he performed for Saturday Night Live, so he was back to grace the stage in front of a sold-out crowd.

Carmen Mandato / Stringer / Getty Images

While DaBaby was rocking the stage, it seemed that the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department had plans of their own backstage. On DaBaby’s Instagram Story, he uploaded a series of video clips that showed three officers peering into the rapper’s car. “Dirty ass police department try to take me to jail every time I got a show in the city,” the rapper wrote.

“While I’m on the stage doin this,” DaBaby added to a video of himself on stage, “CMPD was outside doin this. Unlawfully shinning multiple flash lights in my car looking for reasons to support an illegal search by the time I get off stage. Notice their body language when they realized someone caught them doing what they were doing.” When the officers saw that they were being filmed, they casually walked away from the vehicle.

The Blast reports that once DaBaby did conclude his performance, police officers were there to greet him with handcuffs. According to WSOC, the rapper was arrested and cited for marijuana possession. “Okay you free to go we ’bout to drop you off around the corner,” he recalled they told him. “[They] gave me a citation. They say I resisted arrest. What I did, seeing that they were unlawfully searching my car while I was on stage” was to have himself outfitted with a secret recording device to capture the encounter.

DaBaby praised his audio-visual team and said that he had all the information that showed he wasn’t resisting arrest at all. “We will be airing it out and y’all will see how dirty the CMPD police department just did me on the holidays in front of my daughter when I was putting on a show for my city.”

DaBaby added that he planned on sharing the full video of the encounter on Instagram on Tuesday. Watch DaBaby’s interview with the press, along with video of his arrest and te police officers lurking around his vehicle below.

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