Cynthia Bailey Takes Pole Dancing Class & Twerks For IG On 53rd Birthday

Top model Cynthia Bailey is celebrating another rotation around the sun. The 53-year-old Real Housewives of Atlanta star is known to throw star-studded birthday parties that just happen to find themselves featured on reality TV. This time around, the recently engaged Bravo TV star decided to head straight to the pole to turn up the sexy for the ‘Gram.

Cynthia first shared a few modeling photos of herself with quotes and jokes about aging. “‘Woke up this morning thinking, wow, I’m getting old, then I thought, nah, just becoming a classic,'” Cynthia shared. “‘You know you’re getting old when you’re in Home Depot and think to yourself, damn, that’s a b*tchin ass washer/dryer combo lol!'” she added, along with, “‘Another year older, wiser & HAPPIER.'”

In her pole dancing clip, Cynthia is in a dance studio with her instructor. There has been so much talk about Jennifer Lopez’s pole skills at 50-years-old that it looks as if Cynthia wanted to show off what she’s working with, as well. “Birthday twerk redemption video, i think🤔 Sh*t, i really tried,” she joked in the caption. “I think the boots helped me😜 Oh & YOU’RE WELCOME😂 @itsmikehill my hype man in the background🙈.” Check out her twerking clip and her birthday modeling photos below.

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