Cupcakke Returns To Music With New Single "Lawd Jesus"

Cupcakke is back with her new song, “Lawd Jesus,” despite insisting that she was done making music on social media back in September. On Sunday, the lyrically racy artist announced via Instagram that she would be dropping a new single on Friday, much to the surprise and joy of her fans.

Cupcakke’s hiatus was not meant to be temporary, as she insisted at the time that she would never return to music. “This is not an ‘I’m done now situation’ and then two weeks later she’s dropping a song, or a month later, or three months later,” she clarified on Instagram at the time. “I am completely done with music. I want to be normal again.” Earlier that year, she had fans worried after she tweeted about wanting to commit suicide. However, after everything she’s been through, she seems to be doing much better now. Not only that, but, after signing a new $8 million deal back in December, she’s also back on track in the music game.

“Lawd Jesus” is one powerhouse of a comeback. Cupcakke does not come up for air for one second, tearing through each bar like she was born for this, and, honestly, she just might be. On the chorus, she comedically delivers the title phrase with such exasperation, but you’d never know she’s been through hell and back by her delivery if she didn’t explicitly tell you on lines like, “I went sick and got fraud but I had to fight all my demons/That sh*t was real challengin.'” We’re glad to see Cupcakke’s overcome those demons in order to get back to doing what she loves.

Quotable Lyrics

I went sick and got fraud but I had to fight all my demons, that sh*t was real challengin’
So now when I walk around people with money, I say shut up like a mannequin
So I can just soak up they info
Now my bank copy that, that’s ten fold
I don’t go wherever the wind blow
‘Cause if my wig fall off, that’s the end, hoe

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