CRVCK – “AN ODE TO SHE” EP (Album Review)

While New York has an iconic history in Hip-Hop, it reportedly thanks to the State capital and nothing in the surrounding areas. However, Port Washington, New York’s buzzworthy recroding artist known as CRVCK is gearing up to change the status quo with the release of his new EP. ‘An Ode to She’ is a brand new project that introduces CRVCK to the world with his vicarious sound.

‘An Ode to She’ is a six-track latest effort discussing the complicity of love and hate in relationships. A modern-day subject that is intriguing to many and opens an invitation to relate to CRVCK and what every other individual of this era is currently dealing with. Love is like a game of chess and ‘An Ode to She’ is the board with carefully placed captivating pieces.

Listen to ‘An Ode to She’ below, courtesy of Soundcloud.

Connecting with a combination of witty punchlines and emotional metaphors, CRVCK body of work shows tremendous promise and by the mid-way, puts newfound listeners on full alert on the East Coast-native. Showing off exceptional skill on tracks, “Hannah”, “Shauna”, and the title track itself. Therapeutic, the project indulges into CRVCK psyche, a sense of honesty that is always appreciated by the fans.

While the lyricism on the project is curious and the production is triumphant. ‘An Ode to She’ leaves a lot of open-ended inquiries. Often one-sided when describing certain love affairs. While creative that all of the tracks, minus the title track, is titled based on female names. Giving each track an original scenario but similar outcomes but not accepting fault. But CRVCK is impressionable when it’s all said and done.

‘An Ode to She’ is the perfect jump-on point for any new fan. The six-song offering has a steady mixture of great content to be heard by newfound fans. The deeper one explores CRVCK sound the more intriguing the rising star becomes. By the end, listeners will undoubtedly be looking for more music to research from the recording artist after the formal introduction. With fans these days quickly digesting music, CRVCK’s unique sound can deliver a long-lasting taste from the first play.

Ratings: 8/10

Highlights: Lyricism

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