Coronavirus $25 Test Shows Results In 30 Minutes

One of the biggest reasons why the coronavirus outbreak is such a big deal is because of the lack of tests globally available. It feels as though those who are able to get tests — AKA, the rich — are hogging all the resources, leading hospitals to turn down sick patients who suspect they may have contracted COVID-19. Just read what happened with Andrew Watt, a music producer who boldly told his story last week. That could soon be changed because, at Oxford University, a test has been developed that costs $25 and takes 30-minutes for results to come back.

The team at Oxford University has been working on the test for eight weeks with partners in China, using chemicals and enzymes that switch colors when they come into contact with the virus. As reported by CNN, the test needs to be kept at 65 degrees celsius, which is easy for any hospital to do. In the coming days, clinical trials may commence.

Oxford University coronavirus
Carl Court/Getty Images — Oxford University

“We have 3 things to do,” said Professor Zhengfang Cui, the leader of the group. “The first is to get clinical trials. We just started those here at Oxford University Hospital. The second thing is regulatory approval, which is based on the number of tests done. The third is to get industry partners to implement large scale manufacture. For that, we need clean rooms and manufacturing facilities. And then we can roll out the product.”

The entire process is expected to take two-to-four weeks. 

Shout-out to all of the nurses, doctors, and researchers working hard to fight this pandemic head-on!


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