Conspiracy theorist accuses beloved Weird Twitter personality of trolling for Russia

Louise Mensch is a conservative former member of British parliament who now works as a journalist and conspiracy theorist, focusing in particular on the relationship between President Donald Trump and the Russian government. Leon “@Leyawn” Chang is a Weird Twitter stalwart who makes jokes online and has an icon of a fat, 16-bit bird. Mensch thinks Chang is a Russian propagandist, and it’s hilarious.

Weird Twitter has a strong leftist bent, and a lot of its participants feelcentrist Democrats have become obsessed with a possibleTrump-Russia connection as a way of shifting the blame for Hillary Clinton‘s election defeat. Mensch, although she’s conservative, has found a fanbase among these anti-Trump centrists becauseshe broke the story that the FBI had been investigating Trump’s Russia ties since at least October 2016.

On Sunday, Chang posted up a cluster of obviously fake tweets from prominent conspiracy believers including Mensch, Eric “Time for Some Game Theory” Garland, and John “20committee” Schindler. The joke here is pretty clear: They’ll find Russian connections in everything, even the teen who’s trying to get free Wendy’s chicken nuggets by getting 18 million retweets.

The post got thousands of likes and retweets, and on Monday morning, Mensch responded, taking it way more seriously than one should take anything posted by a cute, fat bird:

Far from refuting the criticism implied in Leyawn’s satirical tweetthat Mensch sees Russian bogeymen everywhereshe proved his point beautifully by calling him a Russian partisan.

Chang, who becamepopular on Twitter by making music, games, pixel art, and wisecracks, is definitely an agent ofthe Kremlin.You know it’s true because he changed his display name to “Leon Trotsky.” (Note to Louise Mensch: I have employedsarcasm in this paragraph.)

Weird Twitter is having a field day with the Chang-Menschfeudbecause there’s basically no funnier way it could have played out.

Everyone seems to agree that “this owns” and “ahahahah” and “I can’t believe the website Twitter is still free.” Big congrats to Louise Mensch for unearthingyet another Russian conspiracy and outing the dangerous KGB video games bird. You’re truly protecting all of us from Vladimir Putin’s evil machinations.

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