Comey channels J. Edgar Hoover

(CNN)James Comey has violated the first duty of the director of the FBI: Do no harm.

And don’t forget your history.


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Anyone who goes to work every day in a building named after J. Edgar Hoover must always remember that he is running an agency that abused our democracy continuously when Hoover was running it, for nearly five decades. Hoover’s harassment of his political enemies, combined with a strong penchant for blackmail, reached a heinous peak in the 1960s when he used secret tapes from the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s bedroom to try to scare the civil rights leader into committing suicide.


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What Hoover repeatedly proved, and what Comey has reminded us of, is the dangerous power of an untethered FBI director. Former Justice Department spokesman Matt Miller, who worked for Eric Holder, said Comey’s decision to ignore the advice of leadership at Justice was stunning.
“I think he has a lot of regard for his own integrity,” Miller told the Washington Post. “And he lets that regard cross lines into self-righteousness. He has come to believe that his own ethics are so superior to anyone else’s that his judgment can replace existing rules and regulations. That is a dangerous belief for an FBI director to have.”
Now we can only hope that Comey’s reckless decision has no discernible effect on the outcome of this election, and the reaction he has aroused will convince all future FBI directors that they must never behave this way again.

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