Comedian Sued For Sexism Over ‘No Boys Allowed’ Show!

When we first heard about a lawsuit aimed at standup comic Iliza Shlesinger for doing a girls-only show, we thought it was merely

In the suit, attorney Alfred Rava — who according to

Shlesinger has not publicly responded to the lawsuit (she’s busy entertaining the troops at the tail end of a USO tour at the moment) and indeed may not legally be allowed to comment at all.

But we will.

It is gross to compare a couple guys not being let into what is clearly labeled a “No Boys Allowed” show to systematic racial oppression, to compare a few minutes’ inconvenience to the violent, often deadly backlash to the fight for equal rights.

Women are not the ruling power subverting the will of second-class men. Women are in fact, the oppressed, and also the heckled, harangued, harassed, and intimidated here, and if they want a few damn minutes without having to worry about what men will say or think, it’s not a lot to ask!

St. George is asking for unspecified “damages.” Ugh.

What do YOU think of this lawsuit??

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