Coco Director Shares Heartwarming Letter from Fan


div> Director and screenwriter Lee Unkrich, the visionary head who oversaw Pixar’s Coco just shared an adorable letter from a fan, which is giving everyone feelings.

Unkrich shared a screenshot of an adorable letter from a fan who reached out to the studio to tell the company how touched they were by the film. 

In the email, a Mexican-American fan recounts how much Pixar meant to them growing up during the ‘90s, citing how the company’s films enriched their childhood. We all have that same relatable story, but it’s the final paragraph that really hits you in the heart.

The fan shares how their parents, first-generation immigrants from Mexico, initially struggled to understand Pixar films due to limited English. Although their English has come a long way, the family was touched to be able to go to theaters and hear Coco in Spanish, and see their culture authentically represented on the big screen. They were even able to take their grandmother to watch.

Coco premiered to rave reviews, with an approval of 96 percent from Rotten Tomatoes, and was recently named the Best Animated Feature by the National Board of Review<span style=”font-weight:;” 400;”>. The story follows a young Mexican boy named Miguel, an aspiring musician, who accidentally stumbles into the Land of the Dead after stealing music legend Ernesto de la Cruz’ guitar.

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