Christina Aguilera Dancer Twerks For Michelle Obama At Concert

Since the Obamas left the White House, they’ve been living their best lives. While daughters Malia and Sasha Obama complete their higher education, former President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle have been enjoying their lives outside of the political spotlight. They’ve shared images themselves of island vacations and recently, Michelle Obama was spotted in Las Vegas singing along to Christina Aguilera jams at the singer’s concert. 

Michelle Obama Vegas
Alex Wong / Staff / Getty Images

According to TMZit all went down at Planet Hollywood at the Zappos Theater on Wednesday (March 4) night. While Christina was making her way through the audience, she was flanked by a bevy of her dancers while belting out “Lady Marmalade.” One of them saw the former First Lady and decided to stand in front of her and give a little twerk before moving on.

Michelle took the encounter in stride and kept the party going as she gave a few air slaps and continued grooving in her seat long after he’d left. As fun of a time as she had, Michelle Obama wasn’t in Vegas strictly to see Christina. She regularly makes appearances as a guest speaker and was in Sin City for the Ultimate Software Connections Conference. Check out Michelle’s fun time at Christina Aguilera’s concert below.

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