Chrissy Teigen Takes Baby Luna To “Dada’s” Show And It’ll Melt Your Heart

In caseyou need anyextra convincing that Baby Luna is the cutest thing on the face of the Earth, Chrissy Teigen is here to provide.

John Legends lovely ladies watchedin awe of dadaduring a performance ofhis Darkness and Light tour on May 27.

Fortunately for us, Chrissy captured Baby Lu on Instagram in all of her adorable glory. And you know, John was there, too, playing the piano and such. Thats cool, I guess. Minor detail, folks.

While the crowd cheered at Johns every stroke, Lu was watching from her seat with a serious look on her face. She wanted to make sure he didnt miss a note (not that he would, but just in case).

Its probably a good thing she and Chrissy werent in the front row because they undoubtedly would have stolen the attention away from John with their massive amounts of adorableness.

Dont you wish you had a seatnext to these two?

If that wasnt enough to melt your cold, black heart, Chrissy also provided a backstage shot with Baby Lu and some of dadas performers.

As Johns trumpet player entertained the tiny tot, Chrissy heldher daughter while wearing a short denim number and some sexy shoes (naturally looking fabulous).

Whenever I have my baby cousin Emma in my arms, my clothes ride up, my deodorant starts to fade, and I end up with something sticky in my hair, so props to Chrissy for making motherhood look so good.

Once again, Lu is paying extra close attention to the music. Perhaps we have a future performer on our hands?

Wed definitely pay the big bucks to see both Legends on tour.

We love Chrissys family posts, and we also respect her candor about motherhood. She wasnt afraid to admit she suffered from postpartum depression, and she certainly helped pave the way for other women who needed an outlet. She wouldnt let that struggle define her.

She came out on top, and we give her a ton of credit.

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