Chris Sails In Hospital Following "Really Bad Car Crash"

The last we heard from Chris Sails was when he publicly declared he was single since his ex Savay was getting flirty with none other than Chris Brown. “Bruh, she was talkin’ to Chris Brown, man. I seen messages. I looked at her phone. N*gga blowing her sh*t up like, who the f*ck is this? It’s Chris Brown. They textin’ and sh*t, all type of sh*t while we together,” he said of their break up

Savay followed up on his statement claiming that Sails was the one who was being unfaithful first. “Tell chris stop texting my phone go f*ck wicho groupies,” she responded. The latest update on Sails comes from his Instagram yet again, this time letting his followers know that he’s holding up following a car accident. 

The YouTuber shared a statement that reads: “Just got into a really bad car crash. So if I’m not answering I have no service in this hospital And I’m okay to everybody that called me. They keeping me for the night.” We can only hope Chris is doing well and will make a fast recovery – keep it locked for more updates. 

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