Chris Brown & T-Pain Are Linking Up Again For A New Collab

Chris Brown and T-Pain teased their upcoming song this week, marking their first collaboration in almost three years. The formerly frequent collaborators have joined forces on multiple occasions in the past, most memorably on their 2007 hit “Kiss Kiss,” which went #1 on the Billboard charts at the time. The two of them went on to make “Freeze,” “Best Love Song,” and “Classic You,” together, and now, the fire duo are back with a new upcoming single.

Chris Brown T-Pain collaboration Kiss Kiss new musicKevin Winter/Getty Images

T-Pain teased the track during an Instagram live session on Thursday, playing a snippet of the currently unnamed song for his followers. In the sneak peek, TP sings, “Baby, just tell me you’re gonna love me and I’ll admit defeat / It ain’t that deep / You know I’d kill for some of your real feelings,” over an acoustic R&B melody bearing a striking similarity to their early aughts hits.

“Oh my gosh, you tryna kill me in my sleep / Rough sex makin’ you my enemy,” CB goes on to sing. “Can I be honest, baby? / I kinda like the fact that you kinda crazy / Yeah, you bipolar just like me / That ain’t a problem, baby.” Chris shared the clip on his Instagram account, inferring that they could be dropping the song before the weather gets hot. “YALL THINK WE WONT GONE F*CK SOME SH*T UP BEFORE SUMMER,” he said, reportedly referring to the T-Pain joint.


T-Pain was initially supposed to go head-to-head with Scott Storch during a beat battle this past Wednesday, but he was quickly replaced by Mannie Fresh. However, he will instead be battling Lil Jon over IG live on Saturday night at 9 p.m. EST, so be sure to tune in. We’ll keep you updated on “Nappy Boy” and “Pretty Boy” reuniting on their upcoming track, as well, so keep an eye out for that.


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