Choker Completes Three-Part EP With "Forever & A Few"

Holding true to his promise to deliver on a three-part EP in the span of three weeks, Choker has now dropped off the final part of his Filling Space project by debuting Forever & A Few. The three-track outing effectively brings things to a close as Choker continue to create a lane of his own.

“A lot of it was very … plant-based, if that makes sense,” Choker tells Billboard of the creation of Forever & A Few. “Like, very heavily inspired by plant life and the growth of flowers and, like, different things in nature that kind of exist in a way that other living things are not necessarily existing […]When you think of plants, you think of them being a natural part of life, and natural occurrences. It’s interesting to think of art, or think of my music, in a way that was more natural like that, more organic. So I kind of went in a direction that was more acoustic, or very simple elements, just the bare necessities of songwriting. So it’s very plant-based.”

Listen to Forever & A Few below.

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