Chika Is Frustrated With "Industry Games" On Quick-Rapping Single

She’s considered to be both underrated and celebrated, making Chika’s position in the music industry a peculiar placement. The young artist’s star is rising in the rap game and she continues to make waves on social media where she’s captured attention after going viral. Chika has released a steady flow of singles since her 2017 spoken word release Full Bloom//A Poetry and on Tuesday (February 18) she returned with a track titled “Industry Games.”

It’s reported that Chika’s forthcoming EP will share the same name as her latest single, however, she has yet to announce an official release date. “Industry Games” speaks to some of Chika’s frustrations with those she sees as snakes in the grass in the entertainment industry. She moves from quick-fire rhymes to delicate harmonies on a song that fuses genres without disrupting the listening experience. Check out “Industry Games” and let us know your thoughts. 

Quotable Lyrics

Can do this sh*t while I’m asleep ’cause I write it
Watch out these n*ggas be so quick to bite it
I let them in but they never be quite it
Imitation is just inspiration, if you feel like takin’ just be sure that you thankin’
I’m not trippin’ n*gga with a different aura
I done met the vision, had to start with the supporters
Had a premonition, had to get the sh*t in order
And I’m finna take it all, f*ck a wall, what’s a border?

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